Upcoming Programs

 Registration is required for these programs, unless noted.

Please stop in, call the Library at 860-228-0350, or email Cait at corlomoski@columbiactlibrary.org to register for any of these programs.





Do you knit or crochet?

Want to ask a question, share a pattern, or just chat with some fellow crafters?

Stop in the library on

from 2:30-4:00pm

for this informal gathering and bring whatever you’re working on!

You may be wondering…

Are you a writer, or hoping to become one? The Columbia Writing Connection may be the group for you.

Our primary purpose? To offer space and time to fellow writers and would-be writers, where they can share their work and gather valuable feedback from each other.

Anything else? Sure. We’re a lively and friendly group, full of ideas and wanting to help. You’ll learn about competitions, workshops and volunteer opportunities, along with hearing about the accomplishments of your fellow CWC writers. One other thing, and it’s kinda hush hush… a person in our group came up with a fun thing we’re trying: the Litera Assembly Line. Pretty cool, and you just may want to try it, too. Come to one of our meetings to find out more.

When and where? We meet TWICE MONTHLY, on one Monday at 2:00-4:00pm at the Beckish Senior Center AND on one Wednesday at 5:45–7:45pm at the Saxton B. Little Library, both in Columbia Center.

The schedule of meetings and locations for the 2023 -24 Columbia Writing Connection are as follows:

                • Wednesday, March 27th @ SBL
                • Monday, April 8th @ BSC
                • Wednesday, April 24th @ SBL
                • Monday, May 13th @ BSC
                • Wednesday, May 29th @ SBL
                • Monday, June 10th @ BSC
                • Wednesday, June 26th @ SBL
                • Monday, July 8th @ BSC
                • Wednesday, July 31st @ SBL
                • Monday, August 12th @ BSC
                • Wednesday, August 28th @ SBL

You may contact the CWC through  Lekwurtzel@gmail.com

Meetings are always worthwhile, and we hope you will be joining us!