A word about donations….

The Saxton B. Little Library is pleased to accept your donations and happy to provide a receipt for tax purposes upon request.

Your tax deductible donation may take many forms: annual giving, unsolicited, remembrance, library fund, planned giving, dedicated or named fund.

Our remembrance program honors those you care about by acknowledging their special occasion, holiday or memorial with a personalized letter notifying them of your gift and through recognition via honor plates that remain in our collection. For your convenience you may fill out this form, but please note only the information – not the form is needed!

Donations specific to the Library Fund serve to support our Endowment and assure that we will be able to provide the best services possible in years to come.

Donors who contribute over $500.00 to the Library receive recognition on our donor plaque. Donations of $5000.00 or greater entitle the donor to a named and possibly designated fund. Please contact the Library for more information.


Donations may be sent via PayPal:


Or by mailing a check to the Library:

Saxton B. Little Free Library
319 RT 87
Columbia, CT 06237


We thank you for your support!