Read Around the Library Challenge

Read Around the Library Challenge

Take your love of the Library to the next level with the Read Around the Library Challenge at Saxton B. Little!

In the Fiction Challenge, you’ll read books from authors with last names beginning with each letter of the alphabet. In the Nonfiction Challenge, you’ll read a book from each Dewey category of the Nonfiction section and a variety of books from our Biography section. (See the challenge tracking sheets for all the details.)

Upon completion of either challenge (Fiction or Nonfiction), you’ll receive a Saxton B. Little pint glass exclusive to this program. Complete both Fiction and Nonfiction challenges and earn an additional glass to make a set! At the end of the calendar year, we’ll draw a grand prize from all of the previous year’s winners, and they will win gift cards to local area businesses.


Link to the Reading Challenge logs.
Link to the information sheet.



Q: Can the books be from the YA/JF/Easy sections?
No, all books need to be from the adult sections of the Library.

Q: Can I read a large print or paperback book?

Q: Do audiobooks count?
Absolutely! Just be sure that you’re listening to books from the adult audiobook sections.

Q: How long do I have to complete each challenge?
You can take as long as you’d like! Just note that the grand prize will only be drawn once per year, so your entry will only qualify for that prize in the year in which you return the tracking sheet.

Q: Can I do the Fiction or Nonfiction challenge multiple times, i.e. the Fiction Challenge four times?
Yes, with some restrictions. You can only win the pint glass prize once per challenge, but you can be entered into the yearly grand prize challenge multiple times.

Q: How do I sign up?
No pre-registration is required! Just stop in to the Library to pick up a tracking form, or print it out online above.

Q: I have another question not answered here. Who can I talk to?
Contact Cait, our Adult Services Librarian. You can call her at 860-228-0350 or email her at

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