Be a Reader Program

With the Saxton B. Little Library Be a Reader Program, you can give a donation to purchase library materials in your name or in the name of a friend or loved one! The materials purchased will be added to the Library’s collection, and the book/DVD will be plated with the honoree’s name. With your gift, you’re helping to continue building our collection and making a lasting contribution to your local library!

How does it work?

    • Donate money toward the purchase of materials.
    • Upon donation, fill out a form with specifications for what kind of material you’d like your donation to go towards, i.e. a mystery novel, a memoir, a British TV series, etc.
    • If you’re donating in your own name, that’s it!
    • If you’re donating as a gift, we’ll be happy to give you a personalized certificate that you can give to your honoree to let them know that a donation has been made to the Saxton B. Little Library in their name.

What kinds of items can we purchase?

Depending on the amount of your gift, you can purchase a book, audiobook, or DVD for your recipient. You’ll let us know about the age level of the material (adult/teen/middle grade/picture book) and any genre preferences, and we’ll purchase something with those specifications in mind!

What are the donation amounts?

Books and single DVDs (i.e. feature films) are $20.00. DVD series (i.e. TV seasons) are $25.00. Audiobooks are $30.00.

Can we request that you purchase a specific book/DVD/etc.?

No, you can’t request that we purchase a specific book or DVD. For this option, please consider donating to our Adopt an Author program instead!

How can I find out what was purchased? Will you notify me when the material receives a bookplate?

You can contact Cait Orlomoski (Adult Services Librarian) or Megan Quigley (Children’s/Teen Services Librarian) with the recipient’s name, and they can tell you what was purchased.

What if I’d like to donate money for an item not listed above?

If you’d like to donate for an item not listed above (i.e. a large print book, downloadable eBook or eAudiobook, a magazine subscription, etc.), please contact Cait at for more information.


To participate in the Be a Reader Program, please click here to download the Donation Form. Print it out, and either drop it off at the Library or send it via the mail with your donation to our address at 319 Route 87, Columbia, CT 06237.

Thank you for your support of your local library, especially during this tough budget year!