What does Belize, Colorado, Lucas Films, and Veal Schnitzel have in common?

Saxton Mouse!  Over the past few months he’s been jet setting all over.  Here are some pictures from his recent

Saxton’s Summer

We all know that summer is a busy time.  This is very true for globe trotting mice.  Saxton has already

A quick trip…

Not wanting to miss Summer Reading, but still wanting to visit the castle of Edinburgh,  Saxton made a quick trip to

Saxton’s Adventures continued…

We have more pictures from Saxton’s exciting visit to South Korea. He’s visited museums…         Historic landmarks…


Saxton Mouse has just returned from visiting Hogwarts with Cait. Be sure to ask them about their trip!

Read more about Saxton’s adventures and see more pictures in our news section –>


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