Adopt Your Favorite Author Program

Here’s how it works:

Choose your favorite author(s) from the list (or add one of you own), and agree to purchase all new titles published (usually one a year) by your author(s) for one year.

The library will purchase each title at our discounted rate, approx. 40% off, or about $17.00 at this time.

When it arrives we will notify you so you can be the first to read your choice. A bookplate will be placed in the book indicating this is your adopted author. When you pick up the book you will pay the discounted price.

Remember your gift is tax deductible.

After reading the book it will become part of our collection and other patrons will be able to enjoy your purchase.

To participate, contact Cait Orlomoski for adult authors or Megan Quigley for YA or Children’s authors, and the adoption papers will be filed! We will notify you when authors are publishing new materials.