Excerpt from Saxton B. Little’s Diary


Oct 22 Arose at 5 and made preparation to go to Goshen, But it began to rain and — and I did not start till
after 9. It rained most of the way. had no school in the forenoon. had 7 sch in PM. Tarried at G Thomas
cold night.

23 pleasant school 12 sch at Lea McCall’s

24 cloudy had 12 at Mr. Otis’

25 Wed. had 12 at Lea McCall’s.

26 Rainy day had 7 at Mr. Otis

27 I had 11 at Otis

28 Sat had PG Thomas horse and went home. all well.

29 Sun Charles Franklin aged 23 who died of Typhus Fever buried today. Mrs. Osborn died last night.

30 Mon Very pleasant got up at 1/2 past 4 arrived here before 8. had 13 sch. at Lea MCalls.

31 Tues. pleasant had 17 at Lea McCall.

Nov. 1 Wed. had 19

2 Thurs. Rainy. Phebe Palmer died last night of Typhus Fever.

3 F pleasant Walked home

4 Sat pleasant day. set up my stove Wm helped me. Sorted over apples and carried them down cellar.
Made a fireboard. Drew wood to Schoolhouse. drew five loads of dirt.

5 Sun Mr Woodard preached. Cut apples for Sauce in the evening.

6 Mon. Walked down to Goshen. Arrived 1/2 past 7. had 24 sch.

7 Tues. cold

8 Wed. some snow. at J. Hinckleys

9 Thurs at Lea McCalls

10 Thur temperance meeting here this evening. at Leah McCalls.

11 rainy 250 hogs at J. Hinckleys from Ohio. They give them 24 —


12 Sat damp day hard rain staid at G Thomas by morning it came round. very

cold, with some snow


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