Saxton Working From Home

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Last updated 5/5/20

While the Library is closed, Saxton is working from home too. Though he was spotted resting by the fire with his friend, Lilly. This is NOT social distancing!! But it is nice to see cats and mice in harmony. A lesson that is good for all of us.

Perhaps feeling a little guilty for not actually working, Saxton made his host family a wonderful pancake dinner! Of course, he had to have some himself too. Saxton really likes maple syrup. The batch he’s enjoying was made right here at Wilkinson’s Farm, in Columbia.



In his new farmer outfit, Saxton has begun to do some chores.

He prefers to farm that which he also likes to eat and is looking forward to taking on online class in Cheese Making.




To keep up his spirits, Saxton isn’t just helping out on the farm. He also has been spending time expanding his mind….


While home,  Saxton has been also doing his school work and engaging in creative projects.   He’s created a line drawing of himself and would love for you to use it as creatively as possible!  Click here to get your copy!

Like many of us, Saxton has been trying to do some DIY projects!


Like many, Saxton took a much needed break to celebrate Easter.  He even wore his special bunny suit!
On these days at home, Saxton has hoped to make some new friends.
In anticipation of the future when SBL’s puzzles will return, Saxton has been practicing!
Taking a break from mental stimulation,  Saxton has been taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather!
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