Library Grant and Renovation

The Connecticut State Library has offered Saxton B. Little Library a revised state grant for renovation of $596,150. Like the construction grant, these are matching funds and would be reimbursed to the town contingent upon the project’s parameters.
The Library has been working with the town and a local architect, and we have devised a functional proposal. This proposal is currently included as a capital project in next year’s fiscal budget, to be voted on by the town on May 12th.
As we all know, the Library is in need of serious repair (roof, HVAC, etc.). The estimated cost of these repairs is $300,000-$400,000. With the matching grant, for an additional $100,000-$200,000 the Library can gain an additional 2,000 square feet.
It is our plan that this space will be used in large part for a dedicated programming/meeting space. This will improve the safety of staff and patrons, allow library users to engage in activities without being disturbed by programs, and could offset some of the meeting space needs that might arise since the Meeting Place will be used by the Historical Society.
If the budget passes and the project moves forward, renovation will begin late August or early September. The Library will temporarily relocate to the Meeting Place, and we will continue to provide new books and limited services. The project is estimated to take six months. So in Spring 2016, the Library will move into a renovated space and the Historical Society will move into the Meeting Place.
We appreciate your steady support during this renovation project, and we will continue to keep you apprised of updates throughout this process!

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