Information during Covid

The following is information that has come our way that we think you may not have heard….

(last updated 4/1/20  new on top)



The FBI is warning about emails claiming to be from CDC and other organizations offering info about the virus. The Better Business Bureau has details about rip off schemes at  The state attorney general offers coronavirus cyber safety tips at People who receive suspicious emails, phone calls or social media posts are asked to call Atty Tong’s office at 860-808-5000.





Mountain dairy is delivering milk, eggs and more to Columbia on Fridays.  Click here to visit their website for more information.





Hertz is offering free rental cars to NYC health care workers.  Click here for more information.



  Stop & Shop has announced changed in hours varying by store.  But the company has announced that they will open all stores between 6 am and 7 am for those over age 60 to shop prior to the masses.


All major internet/phone providers have announced that they will keep internet on regardless of payment during the Covid shut downs.

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