Covid 19 Information

(Information on Covid 19; Last updated 5/5/2020 – new items on the bottom)


CDC website specifically regarding Covid 19 information:


National Institution of Health Covid 19 page:


CT Gov Covid Info page :

(Click here to sign up for CT Alert System)


Article on Pharmacy Checker “Coronavirus Update: Warnings on Potential Treatments”


CT Dept of Labor: Unemployment

CT Dept of Labor: FAQ on Covid and Unemployment


Legal Alert Article on Information regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act


Dr. Jeffery Van Wingen’s PSA on safe Grocery Shopping in Covid-19


CDC Guide: What to do if you are sick


Wellness Through Answers Newsletter:

Linking Connecticut Patients, Families, and Residents to Reliable Health Information


CDC guide – Daily Life and Coping


A super easy DIY quick fix mask using coffee filter, cloth and elastic bands on You Tube.

Tips for talking with kids about Covid 19: PBS News article and Healthy Literacy Article


Picture Book about Covid 19


NY Times article:  how to wear a mask correctly (may require free registration)


Disaster Distress Helpline which provides 24/7, 365-day-a-year crisis counseling and support by phone and text to people experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.


Contact sheet for Free Wellness and Mental Health Support contacts in CT


COVID-19 economic impact payment scams targeting taxpayers


Connecticut’s COVID-19 Mortgage Relief Agreement Q&A

(Also, Ct Dept of Banking, which has additional information and a list of currently participating mortgage companies)

Covid info from:  

American Association On Health and Disability,   World Federation of the DeafNational Federation of the Blind and Disability Rights Fund.


Non Tax Filers Economic Stimulus Package Request Filing Form

New HSA Eligibility Expenses (page provided by Cigna)


American Society of Addiction Medicine, Support Group Information page


National Eating Disorders Association Covid Support


List of National Alliance of Mental Health CT’s helpline phone numbers



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