Summer Reading Quests


Register for Summer Reading and check out our weekly ‘Quests’ for fun ideas to try at home this summer. Photos are optional, though we’d love to see them! Please send all photos to They’ll appear on this page and/or on our Facebook site.


Quest Week 1:
Make a drawing turning the first letter of your name into an animal.
Bonus if the animal starts with the same letter!

Quest Week 2: 
Start a backyard sketch book. Include two animals, two insects, and two plants to start,
then add as much as you like! Label all your pictures.

Quest Week 3: 
Paint a rock (or a few) at home and bring them into the Library to help
decorate our Library Garden. Animal designs encouraged!

Quest Week 4: 
Make a bird nest or a bug hotel in your yard using sticks, rocks, leaves, etc.

Quest Week 5: 
Backyard birdwatching! Sit quietly for 15 minutes and write down and/or draw
all the birds you spot. Don’t know what they are? Look them up!
Extra challenge: see if you can find and identify any feathers in your yard.

Quest Week 6: 
Fri. Aug 6th from 3:00-4:00: D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)
with us on the lawn in front of Yeomans Hall OR D.E.A.R. at home!

Quest Week 7: 
Read aloud to a pet or a stuffed animal for 20 minutes.

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