3-20-20 Check it out

We are home. We are a little bored. We are more than a little stressed.

Why not try something new?


Here are some ideas to explore …

  • POV by PBS offers streaming documentaries. Some of them very short for that quick break.

  • Like to cook? Christopher Kimball of Milk Street, made the following announcement:

“On behalf of the staff of Milk Street, therefore, we are announcing the following…
        1. Our online cooking school is free through April for anyone who wants to use their time at home to brush up on their cooking skills, whether it is a course on improvising in the kitchen or better ways to use the Instant Pot. For a full list of classes and to get started, head here.
        2. Our Q&A forum is being staffed up so you can ask a question, whether or not you are a member of our website, and we will answer your query as soon as possible. It may take a few days to get up and running with this, but we are aiming for same-day responses. Stay tuned.
        3. I will be filming videos from my home to share the sorts of pantry-based recipes that many of us are cooking these days—beans, rice, grains, etc.
        4. Watch our social media streams for easy, comforting recipes that use pantry staples. We’ll make sure access is free for all who want it.”



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