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Saxton Off to Olympics

Posted on: February 27th, 2017




Many of you know that the Librarians have shared the Library with neighboring mice for many years. Recently we learned of one very special mouse, Stuart’s cousin, Saxton. Saxton has been with us and has been helping to greet our patrons for a number of months now. He’s made friends, Little B. and thanks to Library Assistant, Cindy, he’s been acquiring a large seasonal wardrobe. If you are a Library regular, you might have seen him in his pumpkin sweater for October, dressed as a Turkey for November and in a Santa suit for December.

In January, Saxton and friends formed a Bobsled team. Now, we have a historic event. Saxton is going to South Korea to the Olympics. As an emissary, he will travel with both a USA and South Korea sweater, a traditional Korean dress garb and of course, his Bobsledding uniform. We all wish him the best and hope he’ll bring home the gold. Watch our website for updates!

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